i've been dating a guy for a month. we

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i've been dating a guy for a month. we

Postby Reg » Wed Dec 28, 2011 4:42 pm

i've been dating a guy for a month. we
talked all the time for hours on end. Last week, we had sex for the first time. We had a lot of sex in a 3 day period. The thing is, before the sex took place, he was talking about it and all about it... told me he was craving me, etc. Then a few days later we had a conversation about wanting to make sure it's more than sex because we both want a deep kind of relationship. He told me he wants the kind of sex where you are passionately in love and he knows I want that too. Last night he told me that he feels like it would have been better if we had held our urges back and not had sex because he feels like we skipped about 10 steps. This made me feel terrible inside. He said there's no reason it can't still be good, but why do I feel as though now, this relationship can never be his ideal because this has already happened? I'm scared to death because I really like him. He also said that now he feels like he has to make it work because if not, he will be an asshole because we've already had sex. How do I respond to him? I'm not feeling okay inside at all.
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