I'm dating a guy

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I'm dating a guy

Postby Thuan » Wed Dec 21, 2011 10:16 pm

I'm dating a guy
who really knows how to turn me on. he rubs my feet when we're on the sofa, gets between my toes and listens carefully when I react in any way. He'll work his way up my calves, and I'm already juicing. I try to be patient as he works up my thighs, up the backs of my legs until I feel the skin gently tugging between my legs. At that point I'd like to beg him to fuck me, but he usually makes me wait. He gets up and takes my hand and leads me slowly into the bedroom, gently pushing me by the hand, while kissing the side of my neck. He undresses me while I stand, and looks at me naked while he undresses. We end up naked, side by side, hugging, our skin touching from head to toe. He'll talk to me sweetly when he discovers my wetness... he touches me until I'm gasping, kissing my nipples, holding my hand. He won't let me go down on him, even though I want to. I want what he has and I want him to give it to me, but the tension is important.
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