what's his game?

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what's his game?

Postby Eimile » Sat Dec 24, 2011 11:47 am

what's his game?
rofo, some analysis. how do i win this game? 1 - first date wonderful. suggests he's looking for a woman that wants to get married and have kids and asks if i want kids 2 - second date, we're making out, i put on the breaks because i barely know him. tells me he has a long-distance girlfriend (i think it's bullshit and just an easy out, and revenge for my putting on the breaks) 3 - but since he says he has a gf, i put him out of my mind then he s and asks for a third date, and on the date is setting it up for me to kiss him 4 - he comes over for dinner. he finds an excuse to lay on the bed briefly. then on the sofa angles his body away from me. gives me this big speech about his imaginary long distance girlfriend and how he doesn't want to use me. he says he did not want to do "the fade" or tell me over the phone; he'd rather tell me in person (gee, what drama, we only went out 3 times). when he leaves, he dawdles as if a kiss will ensue. as he leaves, he says he'll .
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