Non romantic advice needed... Warning-long

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Non romantic advice needed... Warning-long

Postby Aleen » Sat Jan 07, 2012 8:49 pm

Non romantic advice needed... Warning-long
Okay, So My ex MIL died suddenly and the family didn't inform me or the kids. My ex told me to tell them. The kids and I sent flowers and made a package with Cards photos etc...for My ex-FIL, My Ex, My Ex SIL and my ex- grandfather in law.... My oldest son got sent home today with a fever.. we checked the mail...and ex FIL returned to sender the package, unopened... my son started to cry. On top of that my middle son ed and texted his dad wanting to talk the night of the wake... No response from his father. My oldest son ed his dad on the 19th to wish him a happy Birthday and asked for a back... no response. Now I was married to my ex for 10 years...and he raised the oldest to 8yrs, middle to 6 yrs, and baby to 3 1/2 years... In the past 4 years my ex has not taken a visit or had much contact w/o me forcing it.... like a phone , etc. The grandparents would once a week... What should I do now... I need some damage control for my kids feelings.
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