New York Gay Parties

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New York Gay Parties

Postby Pauly » Thu Dec 22, 2011 8:36 pm

New York Gay Parties
Hey boys-- I work in the party promotion business, and I'm working on a new party, but I want to know what you're looking for... PLEASE tell me what you like in a party, and you'll be on the guest list VIP for opening night... 1) What kind of venue to do you like? Large, small, lounge, trashy? Which do you relate most to... Soundfactory, Heaven, Roxy, Opaline, Park others? 2) Do you like 18+ or 21+ parties? 3) Which do you like more, cheap drinks or cheap cover? 4) Where do you like to party most? 5) Who pops out in your head most? Jeff at Kurfew, John Blair at Roxy, Johnny McGovern and Jon Jon Battles at the Park? 6) What else do you want to share? The email is remixpartynyc at yahoo. Thanks!!
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