i know this is probably the worst place

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i know this is probably the worst place

Postby Jeanine » Wed Dec 28, 2011 9:36 pm

i know this is probably the worst place
and time to vent about this but i can't sleep so here i am. i was emailing with this guy on a dating site and i told him i write a blog about feminism and his response was "Hmm, a blog on feminism. I am a very progressive person but if we went out and I got to a door before you I would open it for you. I see it as a show of respect not subjugation." this is really disappointing. he's a grown man and he really thinks feminism is about opening doors or not? the fact that his first reaction was to hesitate and go "hmm" makes me think we are not a match. feminist care about access to birth control and preventative rape education. jesus, get some perspective dude.
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