Final update - he's married- you were right.

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Final update - he's married- you were right.

Postby susanalice » Thu Dec 08, 2011 10:44 pm

Final update - he's married- you were right.
So, I got confirmation today that Mr. Perfect attorney is married, or at least was in December '08. I clicked on his online profile, which I thought he deleted, and received a message that he had been deleted by the actual company. I contacted the online dating site and asked them for any information, telling them that we had become involved. They replied, saying that they had received several complaints that he was married, and provided me with links to his wedding photos from the photographer's website, stating that they had the legal right to do so, as it was public information. Long story short...I'm following my gut from now on. BTW, our first date was the day after his one year wedding anniversary, on the day of his actual anniversary we IM'd late into the night about how excited he ws to have met someone as great as me. Even then I questioned why he IM'd instead of ed and he smoothly explained that he wanted to send me pictures of his trip (honeymoon) out of the country and couldn't do that over the phone. Next I/how do I contact the wife? Should I? He's a pretty aggressive atty, can I legally? I have the contact info for her dad, a well known doctor, should I contact him instead? My heart tells me I should, but I have the feeling she already knows. In fact, because of the way it went down, I suspect it was she that contacted the dating site.
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