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Need advice...

Postby Lyda » Fri Dec 30, 2011 7:48 am

Need advice...
I come here because you guys usually give good advice and this may not apply to any other forum.. I dont know where to begin but I have a very dear and close friend. We have been friends for over 18 yrs. She and I are VERY different and took VERY different paths in life. She had a baby two years ago by a drug dealer who consequently had another daughter by another woman at the same time and now has a third baby mamma with an 8 month old. my friend has turned extremely bitter and angry and is taking it out on her kid. I mean verbally abusing her and im afraid it will turn physical one day. She says things to the baby like "STFU, you are getting on my nerves you little B*tch" or "Stop being an a$$hole"... the baby is TWO YEARS OLD..I tried talking to her about it and telling my mom to talk to her but it doesnt work. Her mom even flew up here from out of state to try and help her and she left so fast saying she couldnt take it and doesnt know what to do. I suggested therapy for her but she never follows through. She cries constantly that she doesnt get help and that the father doesnt pay support even though the court ordered it (hes a drugdealer so its not like he has a W2 to garnish wages from). She is currently living in a foreclosed house with no heat and hot water. I tried to help her find suitable living conditions (for the baby's sake) and still nothing. Do you think this is borederline abuse? I dont know what to do?? but I am so upset at the way she talks to the baby DAILY!!
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