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Postby Mellisent » Sun Aug 21, 2011 1:41 am

Need Help
I have 2 kids with my ex husband ages 10 and 13. We got back together and I have left him again. We were both living in another state and I just moved back to Spokane. For the last 3 years we have tried to make things work but cant. He spends no time with the kids, s them names when hes mad, tells them to shut the fuck up etc. He has been abusive with me, and I have back. He has gone to jail for the weekend 5 years ago for hitting me. When our daughter was 1-3 his then 8 year old daughter molested our daughter and he has full custody of her and she is now 16. we didnt know until our daughter told us. Its on record with the police etc. Here is my prob. Court papers in Wa say he gets the kids every other weekend no overnights. We moved but the papers never got changed because we were living together. Now I am back in Wa and he is saying that for a week in the summer he wants kids to fly to Ill to see him. I say no way. His daughter is now 16 and I will never trust her with my kids alone. I dont trust him with the kids by himself. I dont think he will hit them but a example, him and our son got in a argument. He pushed our son against the wall and our son spit on him my ex hus spit in our sons face. I know our son shouldnt of done this and my son is actually a very kind boy. But tries to stick up for himself to his dad. Last month our son tried out for a drama production and got a part but it was costly and I said he couldnt do it. He cried and his dad told him to get over it, raising his voice. Son said "just because you dont have qualities anyone likes doesnt mean I dont" dad said "qualitys, qualitys, you think you have qualities boy?" Dad has also referred to us as "you people" for years. Son is 13 and has tried for years to reach out to his dad but only gets rejection. On a daily basis when we lived with him up until last month son and dad maybe say 10 words to each other and dad says maybe 50 to our 10 year old daughter. But his daughter who is 16 he talks to more but still not much. My question is do you think in court in Spokane if he tried to get visitation for the kids to fly to Ill to see him that will happen? He does pay c/s and pays on time. My daughter wants to see him but I dont feel its safe. When we lived in Spokane from *** and he was suppose to get kids and 50% of time he wouldnt show up. I would crime check and file reports.
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