amicable?...need direction.!

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amicable?...need direction.!

Postby dug-kyoo » Sun Sep 04, 2011 11:53 pm

amicable?...need direction.!
NY Marrige: Moved out 5 yrs ago to the west (CA) to pursue better job/pay...only! We were just holding it together at the time (she has two children in college/school). Been sending money back to NY for 5-yrs now, to help bills/tuition/mortgage..etc. We decide to split "amicably" as neither wants to move to other coast. Received draft sep. from joint lawyer (really hers!) & it includes maintenance ($300/week) provision as well as life ins. of 150K in case I die!.,...WTF! BIG.. Question! I seek a lawyer (in NY?) or calif.? or at all? PLEASE help! (new to legal stuff) thx!
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