an O.S.C. to hyphenate my son's name

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an O.S.C. to hyphenate my son's name

Postby Rennie » Mon Jan 16, 2012 3:33 pm

an O.S.C. to hyphenate my son's name
My son's mother, The Petitioner, wants to hypenate my son's name to have her maiden name and my own surname. Now, I hate the idea because I know the real reason is that her vanity doesn't like the idea of having to spend the next 13 years explaining why his last name is Respondant and not her maiden name or the name of husband in the Catholic schools she and her husband have picked for him (I can't complain: they are good schools) through out his primary and secondary educations.
But I need to have a fall-back position if the judge finds in her favor. The Petitioner wants to have his surname have her's first, like Petitioner-Respondant. I know in Latin (sic) cultures it's the other way around: first_name of Father_surname and Mother_surname. Since I grew up so close to Mexico, that's what I think is proper. But neither of us are Latino.
Now, what I wonder is, is there any Northern European scheme (British Isles, even) that is different from that?
Any constructive comments are welcome
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