black girl looking for white boy Tuckahoe VA

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black girl looking for white boy Tuckahoe VA

Postby Charyl » Thu Dec 29, 2011 6:45 am

what was that all about
I do not understand what you are doing? We spent x black girl looking for white boy Tuckahoe VA years together for the most part we were happy. About x years ago we split up, and I moved on I am now married but last month you decided I was what u were missing in your life. As I started to belive all this and started falling back in love with you I noticed something that didnt add up. I busted you out about her and then all of a sudden you arent sure anymore if U want me bc you love me or bc you thought you couldnt have me. I just dont understand y you did this to me. I almost lost my husband and my family but yet still I hurt and cry and want to just give up. But I cant bc maybe I will have you back in my life bc I know you will get bored with her and come back and try to get me back. I dont think that I will come back but who knows. By the way you told me "I cant be happy with out you, its like you complete me and make me happy" If this is you explain y u really did this to me. By the way I love you and always will but you are such a moron and cold girl looking for white boy Tuckahoe VA
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